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COVID-19 disrupted a litany of traditions the last two years, but this winter and spring marked a time-honored return of one of Beta’s most cherished protocols: the installation of chartered chapters approved by the General Convention. James Madison University, home of the 106-man Theta Gamma Chapter, roared into Beta-dom in the fall of 2018 and was installed on February 25, 2022, by Vice President Aaron Kozuki, Washington in St. Louis ’05. Theta Eta Chapter at Florida Gulf Coast was installed March 26 by General Fraternity President Tom Cassady, Cincinnati ’76; Theta Beta Chapter at Sacred Heart in Connecticut was installed April 2 by Vice President Justin Foster, West Chester ’11; Beta Tau Chapter at Colorado was reinstalled April 9 by Regional Chief Nick Gilson, Utah ’03; and Beta Upsilon Chapter at MIT was installed April 30 by former General Treasurer Ben Swartz, Connecticut ’05, during the Trustees’ spring meeting in Boston.

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