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Professional opportunities at Beta Theta Pi

Join Beta’s Administrative Office Staff

Wondering what it’s like to join Beta Theta Pi’s Administrative Office staff? It’s a team of new and seasoned professionals, Betas and Friends of Beta alike, who share a common love for this Great and Good Fraternity. Though the availability of employment opportunities vary, the Administrative Office is always looking for bright individuals with passion, dedication and enthusiasm. Read more below to determine if the staff experience may be right for you.

Life on Staff

Members of Beta’s staff are jet setters and road warriors, event planners and strategic thinkers, coaches and facilitators. They influence the Fraternity’s future each day, whether from the Administrative Office in Oxford, Ohio or on the ground directly working with undergraduates and alumni across North America. Regardless of the role, employees frequently describe the staff culture as familial, caring, supportive, driven, dynamic, challenging, unique and fun. The staff invests in Beta Theta Pi, and in return, the Fraternity invests in its employees’ personal and professional development.

“By the second convention in 1847, it was generally agreed that a central executive agency was required.”

Post-Beta Careers

Several Beta staff alumni have pursued careers in higher education, but most have not. Many have attained advanced degrees (in industries ranging from business to medicine) or become employed by North America’s most esteemed employers. Furthermore, with the tenures of several current employees now exceeding 20 years, others experience the Beta staff lifestyle and never look back.

Staff Benefits

Beta’s staff brings together the best and the brightest in the fraternal world to do the essential and fulfilling work of furthering the Fraternity’s mission, vision and core values. Additionally, joining the Administrative Office team comes with many other industry-leading perks and benefits that make the experience even sweeter.

Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance

Medical, dental and vision insurance are available to all full-time associates and qualified dependents. Even better, employee premiums on medical and dental plans are as low as $0.

Professional Development

Staffers receive funds for expenses like training conferences, certification courses, graduate school applications and entrance exams, fitness center membership fees and more.

401(k) Plan

All employees are eligible to establish a 401(k) retirement savings account upon hire. After one year of staff service, team members are eligible for a generous employer match.

Technology Package

Many employees are provided a cell phone and voice/data plan as part of their benefits package, as well as a laptop computer that’s yours to keep upon the conclusion of staff service.

Employee Assistance Program

A confidential and comprehensive counseling and referral service, each year employees receive three visits per issue and a 24-hour hotline answered by professional counselors.

Holidays and Vacation

All employees receive 11 paid holidays per year (and even more for traveling staff). Plus, full-time associates are entitled to at least 12 additional vacation days to use as they see fit.


Oxford-based staff members may be eligible for Fraternity-subsidized housing and receive accommodations, utilities, and maintenance, all free of charge.

Travel Benefits

Employees accrue frequent flier miles and associated airline benefits for work travel, as well as mileage reimbursement for job functions that require the use of a personal vehicle.


That’s not all Beta has to offer. As you pursue employment with the Administrative Office, you’ll learn more about life insurance policies, maternal and paternal leave, and more.

I particularly enjoyed the camaraderie of the operations team, the autonomy awarded to me in all of the positions I held and the experiences I was afforded as a member of the staff. Looking back, I cannot think of a better post-college work experience to prepare for future occupations with heavy responsibilities.

Vince Mikolay, Bethany ’00

Working for Beta developed my ability to problem solve and my consulting skills. The Fraternity also helped create an initiative for personal growth. I loved my experience.

Daen Ekpa, Loyola Marymount ’10

Working on Beta’s staff allowed me to see what an exemplary and truly familial work environment looks like, and how to effectively build that among my peers and coworkers to foster a more productive culture.

Andrew Waldman, Kansas State ’14

Working for the Fraternity interested me in seeing organizational change at a small level. I've since upgraded that interest to the corporate world for large-scale transformations.

Corey White, Southern Illinois ’04

My time at the Administrative Office allowed me to try various roles and skill-sets at a young age which is uncommon in the corporate world where career progression is sometimes more linear.

Trevor Voss, UCLA ’10

I continue to rely on relationships I established while working on Beta staff in my career. We just added a new advisor at my startup who is the former CCO of JetBlue and an MIT Beta.

Ryan Gee, Kettering B ’11

Current Openings

Chapter Development Consultant – Region

Purpose of Position:

This chapter development consultant position fosters strong relationships with chapters, volunteers and universities within a region while providing coaching on operations, organizational development and General Fraternity initiatives. This person assists members and communities in the form of operational assessment and support, administrative support, leadership development, expansion and education through the promotion of the principles and obligations of our Fraternity.

View a full position description for the role here.

Supervision Received:

  • Director of Chapter Services

To Apply:

Complete an online application here.

Chapter Development Consultant – Chapter

Purpose of Position:

This chapter development consultant position works to establish a sustainable, new chapter by focusing on volunteer support, member recruitment and onsite chapter development. This person is responsible for recruiting a re/founding father class, educating the chapter on the principles of the fraternity, training an advisory team, providing operational assistance and ensuring the chapter’s long-term success.

View a full position description for the role here.

Supervision Received:

  • Director of Fraternity Growth

To Apply:

Complete an online application here.

All Traveling Staff


  • Self-awareness, knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources, and intuitions (emotional awareness, accurate self-assessment, self-confidence)
  • Self-regulation, managing one’s internal states, impulse and resources (self-control, trustworthiness, conscientiousness, adaptability, innovation)
  • Self-motivation, managing one’s emotional tendencies that guide or facilitate reaching goals (achievement drive, commitment, initiative, optimism)
  • Empathy, managing awareness of others’ feelings, needs, and concerns (understanding others, developing others, service orientation, leveraging diversity, political awareness)
  • Social skills, adeptness at inducing desirable responses in others (influence, communication, conflict management, adaptability, leadership, change catalyst, building bonds, collaboration and cooperation, and team capabilities)
  • Living the ritual, modeling of the Fraternity’s principles and obligations while exhibiting strong personal character and integrity.


  • Member of Beta Theta Pi
  • A clear understanding of Beta Theta Pi’s Mission, Vision and Ritual.
  • Degree from an accredited four-year college or university
  • Demonstrated leadership within the Fraternity and/or student organizations
  • The desire for extensive travel and relocation to Oxford, Ohio
  • Ownership or full access to an insured vehicle
  • Professional conduct and appearance*

*Conservative business attire is the standard dress code for the office. Both business casual and business professional attire will also be required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Serve as the General Fraternity’s key “ambassador” within a region fostering strong relationships with chapters, volunteers and universities.
    • Strengthen communication within your region and report on the current state of chapter operations to all constituencies (chapter, volunteers, university, staff, etc.)
    • Support the overall efforts and programs of the Fraternity by attending various inter-fraternal meetings, facilitating leadership experiences, conducting tours of the Administrative Office, assisting with the planning, preparation and execution of the annual General Convention, etc.
    • Serve as the contact between the Administrative Office and all regional constituents regarding nearly all Fraternity matters.
  • Serve as an operational “expert” on policies, best practices and traditions of the Fraternity and coach chapters, volunteers and universities to improve.
    • Gather and positively influence the regional statistics and performance of chapters and be the point person for all relevant information.
    • Facilitate in-depth goal-setting/programming sessions with chapters, working with officers, members, advisors and the university to assess, plan and motivate.
    • Drive the recruitment, placement and coaching of advisors and district chiefs to effectively perform their duties.
    • Develop resources, programs, workshops and presentations for use in assisting their constituencies, and train other staff members on their purpose, use and distribution/presentation.
  • Serve as a “project manager” – developing project plans and managing their implementation according to dates, guidelines and expectations.
    • Assist with the expansion and chapter development process including (re)founding father recruitment, operations, advisor training and member education.
    • Executing a wide variety of tasks to support General Fraternity programming (leadership development opportunities, Convention, etc…)
    • Recruit men to General Fraternity leadership experiences.
    • Play a role in both the recruitment and hiring process of potential General Fraternity employees as required, specifically future chapter operations specialists.
    • Plan and execute projects assigned within the strategic direction of Beta Theta Pi.

Frequently Asked Questions:

For additional insights on the chapter development consultant position, Beta Theta Pi’s traveling staff benefits and to learn how to increase the competitiveness of your application, click here.

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