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Become a Volunteer

Beta Theta Pi is always seeking volunteers committed to building men of principle for a principled life. There are many ways to get involved, even short-term roles, at all levels of the organization including as General Fraternity Officers, chapter advisors and house corporation volunteers. Interested in learning how you can make an impact on the lives of college men? Read more below. Already a volunteer for Beta? Access tools and resources for success here.

Volunteering for Beta

Volunteers are at the heart of Beta Theta Pi. Today, more than 1,000 brothers and Friends of Beta are taking the Fraternity’s chapters, alumni associations and the General Fraternity as a whole to new heights. By giving time and talent, volunteers play a crucial role fostering an environment that promotes personal development and academic excellence. And you won’t do it alone; in addition to having a team of veteran volunteers to support you along the way, Beta’s Administrative Staff provides resources for your success, including training sessions and opportunities to network with fellow volunteers.
Meaningful Impact: You stand to shape the Fraternity's young men into leaders by sharing your knowledge, experience and skills.
Foster Lifelong Connections: Volunteering with Beta Theta Pi allows you to build strong and lasting relationships with fellow volunteers, collegiate members and alumni.
Personal Growth: Step outside your comfort zone, develop leadership skills and enhance your ability to communicate and collaborate effectively.
Share Your Expertise: Whether you're expert in leadership, finance, event planning or another field, you will share your knowledge and skills with others.
Service and Philanthropy: Make meaningful contributions to your community while emphasizing to today's young men Beta's long-held commitment to service and philanthropy.
Become a Volunteer
Vacant Volunteer Positions

“Serving as an advisor allows me to develop skills and strengths I don’t always have a chance to utilize in other areas of my professional life. Through sharing my own perspectives, identities and ideas, I can help foster a sense of belonging and inclusion within the fraternal space for our young men.”

Jeremy Moore, Colorado ’21
Chapter Counselor at Colorado

Friends of Beta

The community of Beta volunteers is made up of members and non-members alike, and everyone’s unique perspectives and contributions are valued. Together, they support the young men seeking brotherhood, personal growth and a sense of home from the fraternity experience by advancing Beta Theta Pi’s universally admired mission, vision and core values.
Open Communication: Beta provides training and resources to help non-member volunteers – otherwise known as Friends of Beta – succeed. If something isn’t clear, communication channels between volunteers and Administrative Office staff are always open.
Role Matching: The Fraternity seeks to match non-member volunteers with roles that align with their skills, expertise and interests. By understanding the volunteer's background and preferences, Beta can identify positions where they can make the most significant impact.
Supportive Environment: Beta Theta Pi strives to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all volunteers, regardless of their membership status. Volunteers are encouraged to share their ideas, perspectives and experiences.
Flexible Involvement: Beta can accommodate the schedules and preferences of non-member volunteers. Depending on the role, there may be opportunities for remote volunteering or flexible time commitments.
Inclusion in Fraternity Events: Non-member volunteers may be invited to participate in Fraternity events, meetings and activities. This allows volunteers to experience Beta's culture and camaraderie firsthand.
Become a Volunteer
Vacant Volunteer Positions

“Coming from a well-established Greek organization myself, I understand the importance and impact a healthy brotherhood can have, and I want to make sure these men get the most out of their time in the chapter. My professional experience allows me to help the chapter create meaningful and successful events, and foster strong relationships.”

Philip Heil, Alpha Tau Omega
Former Programming Advisor at Vanderbilt

Ways to Volunteer

There are many ways to give your time and talent to Beta Theta Pi. In the Volunteer Interest Form, you will identify your interests and a staff member will connect with you to learn more and provide opportunities to engage.

Chapter Counselors

Coach the chapter president and help him create an environment of operational excellence. The chapter counselor is the "quarterback" of the advising team.

Chapter Advisors

Advise one of several functional areas within a chapter, such as recruitment, member education, finance and others.

House Corporation Volunteers

These volunteers are invested in promoting a fun and safe living experience within the Fraternity's chapter homes.

General Fraternity Officers

Frequently seasoned vets, these volunteers reinforce self-governance by helping members, officers and volunteers hold one another accountable to the Fraternity's values.

Collegiate Commissioners

Selected through a competitive annual application process, these collegians serve alongside the Fraternity’s Board of Trustees, Foundation Board of Directors and General Fraternity House Corporation.

Leadership and Education Facilitators

Brothers and Friends of Beta who facilitate curriculum at one of the Fraternity's many award-winning leadership programs.

Alumni Association Volunteers

These volunteers help foster lifelong brotherhoods through chapter-, regional- and affinity-based alumni associations.

Micro-Volunteer Opportunities

These opportunities require a limited commitment, generally only a few hours or days out of the year, and can include serving on committees or work groups.

“Working with my Beta team and our young men has become a bright spot in my life. I’ve built really great relationships and am filled with a sense of hope from the younger generation. Working with my vice president and other members has reinvigorated my reflection and growth across the core values.”

Jessica McDaniel
Risk Management Advisor at Kennesaw State

Local Chapter Advising Opportunities

Whether you’re an alumnus looking to reconnect with your fraternal roots or a community member eager to share your wisdom as a Friend of Beta, we welcome you to join our network of dedicated advisors. Use the interactive map below to learn about just a handful of the advising roles currently available.

“I serve as a volunteer for Beta Theta Pi because, as an undergraduate, the Fraternity shaped my character in a way that I feel compelled not only to give back, but to provide the same opportunities to today’s youth. I believe the principles of our Fraternity hold a special ability to transform lives. I have two teenage boys; I want the Beta experience that they one day encounter to be a rich one and I understand that creating a rich future is dependent on alumni like me investing a part of ourselves into the effort.”

John Smid, Toronto ’99
Northeast Regional Chief

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can volunteer with Beta Theta Pi?

Volunteering opportunities with Beta Theta Pi are open to alumni members, parents and Friends of Beta who are passionate about contributing their time, skills and resources to further the mission and objectives of the Fraternity.

How can I get involved as a volunteer?

To get involved, start by completing the Volunteer Interest Form. Someone from Beta’s Administrative Office will reach out to you within 2-3 business days.

What types of volunteer roles are available?

Beta Theta Pi offers various volunteer roles, including but not limited to chapter advisors, house corporation volunteers, General Fraternity Officers, leadership and education facilitators, and so much more. The Fraternity seeks to match your skills and preferences with the appropriate volunteer position.

What are the expectations of a Beta Theta Pi volunteer?

As a volunteer, you will be expected to commit time and effort to support the Fraternity’s initiatives and objectives. This may involve attending regular meetings, providing guidance to chapter members, participating in events, and upholding the values and standards of Beta Theta Pi.

How much time commitment is required for volunteering?

The time commitment varies depending on the specific volunteer role you take on and your availability. Some roles require a few hours per month, while others involve a more significant time investment. The Fraternity will work with you to find a volunteer position that fits your schedule.

Do I need prior experience to volunteer with Beta Theta Pi?

While prior experience with a fraternity or as a volunteer for any organization is valuable, it is not always required. Beta Theta Pi values diverse perspectives and skills, and ample training and resources are provided to help volunteers succeed in their roles.

Can I volunteer remotely or do I need to be physically present?

Depending on the role and a chapter’s needs, remote volunteering may be possible. However, certain positions, such as chapter advisors, may require some level of physical presence. The Fraternity will work with you to accommodate your preferences and circumstances.

Will volunteering with Beta Theta Pi cost me money?

Volunteering with Beta Theta Pi may involve some personal expenses, such as travel or materials related to your volunteer activities. However, the Fraternity strives to minimize financial burdens on volunteers and may provide support for specific expenses based on available resources.

How do I ensure a safe and inclusive environment while volunteering?

Beta Theta Pi places a strong emphasis on creating safe and inclusive spaces for all members and volunteers. As a volunteer, you are expected to adhere to the Fraternity’s policies and code of conduct, treating all individuals with respect and dignity.

What personal benefits can I gain from volunteering with Beta Theta Pi?

Volunteering with Beta Theta Pi can be a rewarding experience that allows you to give back to the Fraternity and positively impact the lives of young men. Additionally, you may develop leadership, communication and teamwork skills while expanding your network and enjoying a sense of fulfillment from contributing to a worthy cause.

How do I start the process of becoming a Beta Theta Pi volunteer?

To become a volunteer, complete the Volunteer Interest Form and an Administrative Office staff member will connect with you.

I have more questions about becoming a volunteer.

We’re sorry we weren’t able to answer them here! If you have additional questions or need further information, contact Chief Fraternity Services Officer Erin McHale.

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