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The Fraternity’s brand, logos and writing guidelines

Download and Access Beta Songs, Visual Assets and Guides

Assets related to Beta Theta Pi’s brand identity and writing style, as well as music resources, are below for brothers and campus and corporate partners for reference. They are regularly reviewed and assessed to determine if changes are needed. Any visual elements or terminology not reflected therein have been retired and should not be used under any circumstances. Contact the Administrative Office at 800.800.BETA (2382) with questions or for additional support.

The Singing Fraternity

Even before the first decade of the Fraternity’s history ended, Betas raised their voices in a collection of songs. These were printed on a card and included opening and closing odes, a benediction, an initiation song, and a greeting of new members.

So essential was singing in the Fraternity’s founding and growth during the 19th century that many songs and poems emerged from that era, many of them still popular.

Collections of Beta songs appeared periodically until 1902, when the publication became a red hard-cover book with gold leaf imprinted cover — a format followed for the next 90 years.

The Fraternity’s song collection has grown to be quite extensive over the years, containing not only songs written to long-familiar music but a number also set to original tunes. Additions are made yearly, each new edition of the songbook containing new melodies.

Beta TunesSheet Music

Graphic Standards Manual & Style Guide

Beta Theta Pi Graphic Standards Manual

To assist members, volunteers and licensed vendors, the Fraternity has compiled a Graphic Standards Manual featuring the primary visual elements of Beta’s brand identity and instructions for successfully executing the identity across a myriad of platforms.

Beta Theta Pi Style Guide

Beta Theta Pi Fraternity’s writing style broadly follows the Associated Press Stylebook. The Beta Style Guide serves to provide guidance on Fraternity-specific programs and terminology. It is dynamic and meant to be built upon in future years, adapting as a resource for official Beta correspondence.

Graphic Identities

All files contained on this page are trademarked by Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. Third parties may not use these graphics without the expressed permission of Beta Theta Pi and Affinity Consultants. Members of Beta Theta Pi are encouraged to utilize these graphics for marketing and operational purposes but may not alter these files in any way.

“…the first mark of a Beta will be his Beta Spirit.” – Willis O. Robb, Ohio Wesleyan 1879

Chapter Specific Graphics

Chapter Allegories

For publication in the 1882 Beta Catalog, chapters were invited to submit original allegorical illustrations that conveyed the Fraternity principles and the lore of the individual chapter.

Chapter Coats of Arms

Upon its installation, each chapter receives its own unique coat of arms, consisting of the Fraternity arms, with a heraldic device specific to the chapter and its own Greek motto on the scroll.

Chapter Social Media Icons

There are official social media icons for every active Beta chapter. Those without a chapter designation should use the blank General Fraternity icon or the one bearing the letters of Beta Theta Pi. Alterations are prohibited.

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