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Collegiate Commissioners have been invaluable in guiding all aspects of the Fraternity since 2019. These brothers represent their student peers with the Board of Trustees and, as of 2022, with the Foundation Board and General Fraternity House Corporation. This year, the sixth group of collegiate brothers have been tapped to amplify the voices of their peers and give a student perspective on these three boards.

Recently named by General Secretary John Stebbins, Emory ’92, four brothers join continuing Collegiate Commissioners Nazar Abbas, Miami ’24, C.J. Fovozzo, John Carroll ’23, and Alex Houlton, George Mason ’23, in their prestigious roles. The brothers kick off their 2024 leadership at the Joint Tri-Board meeting February 2-3 in Phoenix, Arizona.

Board of Trustees

Alex Houlton, George Mason ’23

Serving January 2023 to August 2024

In his first year with the Board, Brother Alex helped ensure the continuous improvement of the Beta experience by adding his insights to several committees including Membership Status Review, Stakeholder Engagement and the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committees.

“Beta is fortunate to have so many dedicated collegiate leaders within its ranks. By influencing decisions and fostering leadership, we work to ensure the Fraternity’s dynamic growth, connectivity and sustained access, demonstrating the commitment to each chapter’s prosperity across Beta’s Broad Domain.”

Alex, a native to the Manassas, Virginia, earned a degree in psychology while at George Mason. When first appointed to his role, he served as chapter president, after previously seeing time as vice president of brotherhood. Going on to graduate from the 2022 Wooden Institute, Alex was a member of the George Mason delegation at the 183rd Convention petitioning to recharter as the Epsilon Mu Chapter of Beta Theta Pi.

Nicholas Zingales, Sacred Heart ’24

Serving January 2024 to December 2024

Brother Nick, a psychology student from Easton, Pennsylvania, recently finished his term as IFC president at Sacred Heart, and previously served the Theta Beta Chapter as the vice president of education. This isn’t his first go with organizational leadership as a collegian; he also worked on the Mission and Culture Project with the Sacred Heart Board of Trustees. Nick came to Beta after winning the Men of Principle Scholarship shortly after arriving onto campus.

Christopher Cardenas, Texas ’24

Serving January 2024 to August 2025

Brother Chris studies advertising at The University of Texas at Austin and hails from Houston. He joins newest slate of commissioners after overseeing chapter communication as the Beta Omicron Chapter’s vice president of administration. Chris also attended the 184th Convention, working behind the scenes as an intern.

Foundation Board of Directors

Christopher “C.J.” Fovozzo, John Carroll ’23

Serving January 2023 to August 2024

Brother C.J. has led efforts to increase engagement with and membership in the Sons of the Dragon Club – the exclusive, collegians-only giving club – during his first year with the Foundation Board. On top of continuing these efforts, he looks forward to working on new strategies increase young alumni involvement in the Fraternity.

“Being a Collegiate Commissioner has changed the way I view our Fraternity and has allowed me to gain numerous connections. Our Fraternity feels stronger and more united when we have insight from brothers of different backgrounds and experiences.”

C.J. graduated from John Carroll with a degree in management and human resources, marketing, leadership development and biology, and is from the greater Cleveland area. His extensive Beta leadership includes chapter president and vice president of education. C.J. has graduated from three Keystone Conferences, Presidents Academy and the 2022 Wooden Institute, and represented the Eta Epsilon Chapter at the 183rd and 184th Conventions.

Phillip Miavelstück, George Mason ’25

Serving January 2024 to August 2025

A native to the D.C. region, Brother Phillip is pursuing a bachelor’s and master’s degree in computer science. While a Collegiate Commissioner, he leads the Epsilon Mu Chapter as its president as well. Phillip’s leadership resume also includes a stint as the vice president of recruitment, along with attendance at two Keystone Conferences, 2023 Wooden Institute and 184th Convention.

General Fraternity House Corporation

Nazar Abbas, Miami ’24

Serving January 2023 to August 2024

Brother Nazar is the lone commissioner serving the General Fraternity House Corporation, and is a political science student from Point Pleasant, West Virginia. For the Alpha Chapter, he served as the vice president of recruitment in 2022 and oversaw 36 new members join the chapter roll. Nazar also attended the 2022 Keystone Conference in Indianapolis and the 184th Convention in Dallas.

Jacob Polzin, Minnesota ’25

Serving January 2024 to August 2025

Jake rolled off his term as Beta Pi Chapter’s president to take the next step in his fraternal leadership journey as a Collegiate Commissioner. He concurrently serves his chapter as the vice president of finance as well. Jake has attended five of Beta’s leadership programs as a collegiate brother, including the 2022 Wooden Institute and 184th Convention.

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