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Brother Brereton Jones, Virginia ’61, was considered by many to be a distinguished and successful leader in his time as Kentucky’s 58th governor, a moderate able to bridge both parties. He was also notable in the horse industry as owner of the Airdrie Stud estate.

He passed away on Monday, September 18, at age 84.

Brereton served as the Kentucky lieutenant governor from 1987 to 1991 and elected governor of the commonwealth from 1991 to 1995.

While in those offices, he oversaw the charter and installation of the Epsilon Omicron Chapter at the University of Kentucky in 1990. Three years later, upon receiving the chapter’s first Francis H. Sisson Award, he invited the brothers of Eastern Kentucky’s Delta Xi Chapter to the governor’s office at the capitol to congratulate them.

Brereton saw himself above partisan politics, notably working toward stronger ethics within government and improved access to healthcare within the state. He helped reform the future of the state’s highest office as well, advocating for the removal of the restriction on governors from succeeding themselves in office — although exempting himself from the amendment. Under his administration, Brereton saw the passage of the mandatory seat-belt law and increased funding for state parks.

Before his terms in office, Brereton founded Airdrie Stud, an internationally renowned thoroughbred horse farm outside of Lexington, Kentucky. He later retired there following his political career.

May Brother Brereton Jones, No. 1037 on the official roll of the Omicron Chapter of Beta Theta Pi, rest in peace. Forever in ___kai___.

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