Beta Parents

Sending a child to college can be a challenging and stressful time in a parent's life. Your son will encounter many opportunities to become involved outside of their classroom experience. It is important that you be educated about the enriching experience that your son will find by joining Beta Theta Pi.

Beta Theta Pi is dedicated to building Men of Principle for a principled life. Membership in the Fraternity enhances each brother's collegiate experience through intellectual, social and moral growth. The Fraternity promotes high standards of moral conduct and responsible citizenship as outlined in the Men of Principle initiative. To that end, Beta Theta Pi provides comprehensive volunteer and staff support, numerous merit scholarships and leadership development experiences for more than 1,600 undergraduates annually.

Parent Testimonial

I feel honored to share my feelings about Sean’s association with Beta Theta Pi. Perhaps it’s best to start off by saying Mark Twain may have changed his statement: “Be Good and You Will Be Lonely” had he been privileged to meet some of the Virginia Gentlemen I have met at 129 Chancellor Street. Truly, UVa’s Beta house has a special group of good men who convey a body that is purposeful and appealing in comportment. I’m thankful that Sean has been a part of this group for he has found friendship, an opportunity to serve, and an opportunity for gratitude.

I really didn’t have any concerns about Sean joining the fraternity for he was excited and impressed by the people he initially spoke with. I did, however, have concerns about the amount of time he was pouring into things for the fraternity after being selected President; but, those concerns were laid to rest when I realized that his commitment to his studies at the University remained steadfast and strong. Associating with gentlemen who seriously attend to their education – classroom, social, and community – was a reaffirmation of those very things in him. As far as positive changes that I have seen in Sean I would have to say that he is more lighthearted… he has more of a spring to his step and that I do attribute to his association with Beta. I support the Men of Principle Initiative for I find that nothing succeeds in teaching and leading like a good example. Having the courage to put forth a high set of standards and attempting to abide by them is an honorable and good task for our nation’s young people. I’m gratified to see it on the fraternity grounds of our institutions of higher learning.

If Mark Twain were in my seat, I think he would have to say: “Be Good, Find Like-Minded Good Men and You Will Not Be Lonely”. Sean has been fortunate to find good men with whom to associate and call friends.

- Diane Douglass, mother of Sean Douglass, University of Virginia

- D.J. Orlando, mother of Nick Orlando, John Carroll University