Standard Chapter Operating Expectations (SCOE)

What are they? Standard Chapter Operating Expectations (SCOE) is a set of standards that all chapters of Beta Theta Pi are expected to meet. They focus on seven key areas of chapter operations providing a tangible and quantifiable performance gauge for every chapter. Moreover, they are a foundation for a healthy and successful chapter. The expectations are as follows:

Cultivation of the Intellect:
  • Achieve a minimum chapter GPA at or above the campus All Men’s Average (AMA)
  • *Default to Code required 2.8 GPA for campuses who do not provide AMA
  • Work with an advisory team consisting of a chapter counselor, recruitment advisor, pledge education advisor, risk management advisor and financial advisor
  • Identify and appoint a faculty advisor
Membership Size:
  • At or above the average chapter size for fraternities on campus or greater than 40 men if the campus does not report the average fraternity size
Membership Education:
  • Maintain a three-year initiation rate of 80% or higher
  • Create a pledge program which is certified annually using the "Positive Pledge Education Assessment" (PPEA)
Leadership Development:
  • Send 10 attendees to the 10 core leadership events annually
  • One CPLA attendee, one convention delegate, eight Keystone attendees
Chapter Standing and Operations:
  • Retain a status of Good as per the Code of Beta Theta Pi
Financial Health:
  • Compliant with Chapter Accounting Standards and no current financial suspension for 90-day balance
Why were they developed?

Primarily, the Standard Chapter Operating Expectations were developed to clarify what is expected of every chapter as a base level of performance. The majority of the expectations already exist as standards in The Code. The Board of Trustees developed SCOE to enhance assessment of where chapters stand and outline consistent steps to support groups in need.

How will they be implemented?

The General Fraternity will provide report cards semi-annually at Convention and the Presidents Academy. Most importantly, the General Fraternity, through its officers, staff and volunteers, will educate and support on SCOE through a "safety net" of action plans designed to assist chapters in meeting the standard expectations.

Need more information?

Contact the directors of operations and education at 800.800.BETA (2382) for more information.