Beta Theta Pi Policies & Code

This list is a compilation of frequently requested fraternity policies and is not intended to be all inclusive. Please contact the Administrative Office if you have any questions at 800.800.2382.

Standard Chapter Operating Expectations (SCOE)

A set of standards that all chapters of Beta Theta Pi are expected to meet focusing on nine key areas of chapter operations. Click here to read more.

Standard Operating Procedure for Financial Delinquency

Policies for chapter failure to remit fees within established deadlines. Click here to read more.

Chartering Requirements

A set of requirements established by the General Secretary for all new and returning colonies in order to petition for a charter or return to Good Standing as a chapter of Beta Theta Pi. Click here to read more.

Membership & Finances Policies

A comprehensive compilation of all applicable policies regarding chapter membership statuses and finances. Click here to read more.

Risk Management Policy

Originally adopted in August 1987, the current version is located here.

The Code of Beta Theta Pi

Comprised of The Constitution and The Laws, it serves as the authority for governing Beta Theta Pi. Here are frequently referenced provisions:

Non-Discrimination Policy

Article II, SECTION 11. Inclusiveness of the Chapter: No chapter shall permit discrimination in membership selection, initiation, chapter operations, or other activities of the fraternity based upon any person’s race, color, creed, religion, age, disability, ethnic background, sexual orientation, or national origin.

Privacy Policy

How the Fraternity collects, uses and protects information. Click here to read more.

No Solicitation Policy

No member, officer, chapter or affiliated entity of Beta Theta Pi Fraternity or the Beta Theta Pi Foundation shall circularize the Fraternity, its chapters or alumni associations, active members or alumni to solicit funds for any purpose including commercial solicitation for products or services (including those provided by members) without the expressed approval of the Executive Director. An exception to this policy applies to chapters, alumni associations and house corporations soliciting their own members for the purpose of obtaining contributions or dues for the benefit of those entities. - Adopted by The Board of Trustees April 22, 2006