Housing Resources

Beta Theta Pi promotes chapter housing that is safe, attractive, and creates an environment that supports academic success and the Men of Principle Initiative. To that end, the Housing Department provides insurance, education, support and advocacy for our house corporations, volunteers and chapters. This full-service department can answer all your housing questions and connect you with industry experts, vendors and other Beta house corporations.

There are several educational housing videos available via Vimeo. Search keywords “Cornerstone” or “house corporation.”

The documents and resources provided here are intended for use by house corporation volunteers and chapters. If you identify a need and don’t find it here, please contact John Reineke at 800.800.BETA.

Basic House Corporation Documents

Billhighway Platinum Program – Overview of the online financial planning solution for chapters and house corporations.
Establishing a House Corporation – Instructions for starting a house corporation.
Generic House Corporation Articles of Incorporation – Sample house corporation articles of incorporation with instructions.
Generic House Corporation Bylaws – Sample house corporation bylaws with instructions.
Whistleblower Policy – Sample whistleblower policy, per IRS Form 990.
Conflict of Interest Policy – Sample conflict of interest policy.

Cornerstone Insurance Resources

Equipment Breakdown Coverage – Holmes Murphy provides information about equipment breakdown coverage that may benefit your chapter facility.
Insurance and Claims Manual
 – This document explains Beta’s liability and property insurance coverage.
Insurance Contact Information – Contact information for Beta Theta Pi and its insurance carriers.
Cornerstone Renewal Memo – Important underwriting information for 2022.
Reporting a Property Claim – If you are part of the Cornerstone Program and experience a property loss, please follow the link and file a claim with Holmes Murphy.

Facility Management Resources

Opening Checklist – Resource for house corporations to safely open a property.
Closure Checklist – Resource for house corporations to safely close a property.
Sample Lease – This is sample lease language (between the house corporation and an individual member).

House Director Resources

House Director Professionals – This is a clearinghouse and search firm for house directors.
Tips for Finding a House Director

Safety & Risk Management Resources

Substance-Free Housing Transition Guide

Alumni Relations & Fundraising

Capital Campaign FAQs & Vendors
Template Request for Proposal for Fundraising