Risk Management

Alcohol and illegal drugs, hazing, fighting, sexual harassment and the like can have a devastating effect on Beta brotherhood. As it is unlikely that risk can be totally eliminated, Betas must do everything possible to manage existing risks.

For example, a responsible alcohol management policy, in line with local laws and the rules of the host institution, is vital to the success of a chapter. The eradication of substance abuse through education, intervention, mutual support and progressive sanctions imposes the highest level of chapter self-governance, monitoring and discipline. Betas have an obligation to act responsibly and hold others accountable for their actions.

Note: Trial by Chapter and other resources can be found under the Self-Governance section

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Crisis/Risk Management

In case of a crisis:

  1. Call 911 immediately if life or limb are at risk.
  2. Gather all the facts.
  3. Call Director of Chapter Development Jacob Tidwell at 800.800.BETA (2382) within the first hour. Jacob is available 24-hours per day, seven days per week.
  4. Inform your district chief, chapter counselor, risk management or legal advisor and house corporation president.
  5. Consult your chapter legal counsel/risk management advisor.
  6. Hold a chapter meeting, explain the situation and assign jobs.
  7. Submit an incident report form online within 24 hours.
  8. Continue gathering facts and reporting updates regularly to your local advisors and to the Administrative Office.
When to report a risk management incident:

Members of Beta Theta Pi have a responsibility to promptly report all incidents that could result in an insurance claim or be reported in the campus or community media. Prompt reporting often can prevent minor incidents from developing into major problems.

Do not admit liability or responsibility for any occurrence:

In general, liability claims are a result of conditions on your premises and/or general operations that are likely to involve someone other than members, employees or officers.

What do I report?

While on the scene of the accident or occurrence, get names, addresses and phone numbers of all those involved, including witnesses, in:

  • Any incident including personal injury to a member or guest during an official Fraternity event or while on Fraternity property, allegations of sexual assault regarding a member or guest of the chapter, hazing or alcohol violations, or specific violations of General Fraternity Risk Management Policy. This includes severe injuries incurred during an intramural event.
  • Any law suits or subpoenas served on you or on your chapter or on the General Fraternity by an officer of the court
  • Any contacts by an attorney or investigator asking about an occurrence that happened at the Fraternity or that involved Fraternity members
What do I do after I report?
  • Do not admit responsibility or liability in any accident or occurrence.
  • NEVER discuss an incident with an attorney or investigator, other than appropriate law enforcement officials, without clearance from the Administrative Office or Willis HRH, LLC., the Fraternity's insurer.
  • Appoint one spokesman – preferably the chapter president – to respond to any outside inquiries about the occurrence.
  • Instruct your brothers not to discuss incidents with anyone.
  • Within 48 hours, submit a detailed written report, with as much information as possible including witnesses, circumstances leading to the occurrence, whether alcohol was involved and if it was a chapter-sponsored event.
  • Continue constant communications with the Administrative Office or Willis of North America:

Willis of North America
10707 Pacific Street, Suite 200
Omaha, NE 68114
Toll Free: 800.736.4327
Local: 402.498.0464

What can I do to protect Beta Theta Pi?

Use common sense and good judgment. Do not hesitate to call the Administrative Office or Willis HRH, LLC., with any questions. Report all the facts as they happened. Do not attempt to hide or alter the facts no matter how damaging they may seem. Investigations are based on the facts as reported. Cooperate with law enforcement officials.

How should I deal with the media?

First, make sure that only one designated spokesman responds to the media – preferably the chapter president. Review Beta’s Crisis Communication Protocol and immediately contact the Administrative Office at 800.800.2382 if an inquiry is received.