Member Education

Beta Theta Pi rejects hazing as a part of fraternity life and instead emphasizes an educational experience which is morally uplifting and intellectually stimulating. The Beta ritual should be the critical ingredient of a distinctive and enduring lifelong experience of brotherhood.

Instruction of new members should include a knowledge of the history, lore and laws of the Fraternity to prepare them for active membership. Initiation marks the beginning of many years of continued education and emphasis on living Beta's principles and obligations.

New Member Education Assessment

What is NMEA? The New Member Education Assessment (NMEA) is designed to support and promote the safety and quality of the new member experience of the undergraduates in Beta Theta Pi. Chapters are required to submit their program for assessment at the discretion of their district chief and chapter development consultant. If required to do so, a chapter will compile and submit all new member education-related materials (including programs, manuals, quizzes, activities, etc.) to the chapter development consultant by a set date, who will then review and provide the chapter with feedback for the to incorporate and resubmit. Note: certification of the written program does not certify implementation of the written program.

If you have any questions, please contact Chief Operating Officer Erin McHale at 800.800.BETA.

Anti-Hazing Hotline

Beta Theta Pi has joined 30 other fraternities and sororities in sponsoring the College Fraternity and Sorority Anti-Hazing Hotline (888.NOT.HAZE). The hotline provides a way for members across North American to report possible hazing incidents. Callers may remain anonymous or they can provide personal information so that their concerns can be responded to directly.

The hotline is housed in the offices of Manley Burke law offices in Cincinnati. Calls are received around the clock on a voice mail system that digitally records the call. The call is then forwarded via an e-mail audio clip to the Administrative Office together with the state hazing law that is applicable.

If you or any new member of your chapter is subjected to hazing please call the anti-hazing hotline at 888.NOT.HAZE immediately.

New Member Education

Beta’s mission is to develop men of principle for a principled life. As the Fraternity welcomes new members into our brotherhood, it is critical that we provide them a positive, safe and productive education process. To assist our chapters, the Fraternity has developed the following sample programs that incorporate some of the best activities and Beta stories from across its chapters. This program offers suggestions for local customization and covers Beta lore, Beta songs and Beta’s five core values. Chapters may choose to use the five-week or the eight-week program outlined below. Chapters and colonies are strongly urged to put together a New Member/Pledge binder for all new members. This resource should outline campus policies, dues, Beta membership expectations and other similar items. Here is an example.

New Member Supplies

All new member supplies, as well as initiation equipment, may be purchased on To purchase initiation equipment, including ritual robes, click on the "Chapter Orders" option on the second of the two top navigation bars. Then enter your email address along with Beta's Guardian Spirit's name in the subsequent text fields. After that, click on the "Submit" button. If this is your first time using, you may need to resister. To register, click on the "New User Registration" option and complete all pertinent fields. Once you've entered your name and the Beta's Guardian Spirit's name, locate "Ritual Items" on the left-side navigation and select the item you are interested in. If you have any questions, please contact Martin Cobb or customer service at 877.471.5410.

Singing Fraternity

Commonly known as the "Singing Fraternity," brothers of Beta Theta Pi, young and old, are united by a litany of songs learned during the new member education period and sung throughout various ceremonies, events and gatherings for years to come. Scroll through the playlist below to listen to some of these Beta classics, or Sheet music of Beta classics is available here.