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Need-Based Relief Scholarships

In light of ongoing uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic and a desire to promote a Beta experience that is affordable to all, the Beta Foundation is offering more than $100,000 in need-based relief scholarships for its members.

In Fall 2021, every chapter was eligible to receive $1,000 to distribute to the member(s) (new or initiated) most in need of financial assistance for tuition-related expenses.

In Spring 2022, every chapter that has completed an exec transition retreat will be eligible to receive an additional $1,000 to distribute to the member(s), (new or initiated) most in need of financial assistance for tuition-related expenses. (This includes participation in the virtual retreats held by Leadership & Education team on November 14, December 4 or through a retreat held locally with all materials required submitted by February 28.)

No formal application is necessary to receive the grant from the Beta Foundation. Instead, chapters should assemble a selection committee and review applications directly. After selecting 1-4 members to receive scholarship funds, a representative should submit award winners’ names, addresses and contact information using the survey below.

Note: Each chapter may decide the number of scholarships awarded and individual scholarship amounts. However, the amounts must be between $250-$1,000 per person and may not exceed the $1,000 grant in total. See this Selection Guidance resource for helpful tips to consider when trying to weigh greatest need.


Need-Based Relief Scholarship Essential Information

Who is eligible for a Need-Based Scholarship grant from the Beta Foundation?
All undergraduate chapters of Beta Theta Pi, including newly established chapters yet to charter.

Who is an eligible scholarship recipient?
Any undergraduate member, new or initiated, may be awarded a scholarship.

How much is the Need-Based Relief Scholarship grant? How much are individual scholarships?
Each chapter is eligible to award $1,000 in total grant funds for Fall 2021 and an additional $1,000 for Spring 2022 (upon retreat completion). Chapters may distribute 1-4 total scholarships at $250-$1,000 for each semester. Unused amounts from the fall do not carry over to the spring.

When can scholarships be awarded?
Chapters should award their scholarship(s) by October 31, 2021 (fall).

Chapters should award their transition retreat unlock scholarships by March 31, 2022 (spring).

What if I have additional questions?
Contact Administrative Office staffers Zane Carlson with general questions about the scholarship program or Laura Lednik with questions on/after submitting recipient information.

Essential Links/Downloads

Submit transition retreat materials (spring 2022)

Submit scholarship recipient(s) information (spring 2022)

Guidance on the scholarship selection process

Frequently asked questions about the Beta Foundation Need-Based-Relief Scholarships